24. Family Math Games


Today we had the “Family Math Games” program at the library again.  (The pictures are from a previous month, but it’s the same idea.)  I’ve got lots of board games and card games that build math skills, and the only requirement is that parents play with their kids.

Today 40 people came.  We had families with all different age levels representing, playing all different difficulty levels of games.  We had small children playing the easiest matching games and we had a family playing Splendor, one of my own personal favorite games.  We had many different ethnicities represented and a nice representation from each gender.

And people were having a wonderful time together.  And kids were learning.  And parents were playfully teaching their kids.

The library’s games collection started with games my kids have outgrown, but our Friends group paid for additional math-related games.  I’m also happy that these games are still getting used and still helping families have fun.

It did my heart good to see it.  I’m so happy about bringing this program to our community.


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