210. A New Car!

I think I jinxed myself. Last year, when I paid $2700 to fix my old 2002 Prius, I kept saying that I hoped it would last until I paid off my student loans. Well, last month I paid off my library school student loans – and on December 28, when the weather had turned bitter cold, my check engine warning light went off. It still was running, but I took it in that night.

The next day they told me the hybrid motor was malfunctioning and the engine was misfiring. It would cost me $5000 to fix it. The car had 227,000 miles on it, 101,000 more than when I bought it ten years ago.

It was time to buy a new car!

So on December 29, I bought a brand-new Prius C (C for Compact). I knew I wanted another Prius, and was happy that now they have a smaller, cheaper version. I found what I wanted on the website and test drove it – and love it!

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