26. Grown Kids

Today I represented the library at a Back to School Fair at a middle school.

And while I really enjoyed the middle school kids with their excitement and energy, and while I really enjoyed my own kids when they were in middle school — I was struck by how glad I am that I am no longer the Mom of middle school or high school kids!

This is a nice realization — lately, with my youngest starting his very last semester of college, I’ve had a little trouble with the Empty Nest Blues.

But I was reminded of all the stress of middle school — meeting all the various teachers, buying supplies, this, that, and the other detail to worry about….

Yes, I got through it, and I do look back on those years fondly.

But we are done with that!  That season of life is over, and now I can smile fondly on those still going through it and tell them about all the ways the library can help them.

There are some lovely things about this phase of life, and this was a nice reminder.

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