Not a Communication Problem

“It is nearly impossible to understand other people’s perspectives when you’re angry or resentful.  You never have a complete view of a negotiation, even when your part is factually right.

“It’s not a communication problem.  You’re not capable of seeing their side.

“Anger and resentment amplify and magnify only the negative aspect of something, which blows it out of proportion and takes it out of context.

“Anger and resentment make you oversimplify and see only one negative aspect of something.  Even if you are right in your appraisal of that negative aspect, you are oversimplifying when you’re resentful or angry.

“The person you’re angry at will not see that you are right as long as he or she feels devalued.

“You can’t be defensive and listen at the same time.”

— Steven Stosny, Compassion Power Boot Camp