A Change of Focus

“My central message here is when you bring more positive experiences into your life, your hurts will diminish in importance.  In fact, this is the first step to taking responsibility for how you feel and beginning to forgive.  If I rent out more and more space in my mind to appreciating my children or the loveliness of a rainy day, there is as a result less space and time for dwelling on the hurts.”

–Dr. Fred Luskin, Forgive for Good

Forgiveness is a choice

“Forgiving is a choice that brings healing–probably more to the giver than to the recipient.  When we forgive, we do not change the circumstances or injustices of the past.  What we change is the future–for ourselves and for the ones we have forgiven.  It is the most freeing choice we can make.”

–Carol Kent, A New Kind of Normal