Replacing Resentment

When we finally stop resenting the person we live with, we almost inevitably find that love blossoms in our lives.  Happiness will grow in your relationship as forgiveness replaces resentment.  The less resentment you hold toward your partner, the more love you will experience.  The cost to your relationship in diminished love and happiness is the same whether you resent your partner for snoring or for leaving the toilet seat up.  You will experience the same problems whether you resent your partner for something he or she did yesterday or for something from five years ago.  The cost is always diminished love in your heart and a greater hurt in your partner’s.  We pay a huge cost when we do not know how to forgive….

People who don’t know how to forgive think that being resentful is a normal state to be in….  With forgiveness we release the constriction we have placed on our hearts and love our partners for exactly who they are.

— Dr. Fred Luskin, Forgive for Love, p. 79-81

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