Created in Love

Had this simple yet profound truth ever penetrated into the hearts of the teachers of God’s people, how revolutionary would have been its effect! True, with their lips they have preached the glad message “God so loved the world,” yet they have been even more zealous to confine His love to those who believe, since they could hardly reconcile eternal torment or annihilation with the operations of love. May He broaden our hearts and widen our understanding! All that God does is done in love. Creation as well as redemption and reconciliation have their roots in the divine affection. And for this very reason it is that all are lost and all will be saved, some indeed by faith, during the eons, yet others by sight, through judgment, all through the deliverance wrought by Him in Whom they were originally created.

— A. E. Knoch, “The Supremacy of Christ,” in Unsearchable Riches, First Quarter, 2015, Volume 106, Number 1, page 21.

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