Finding Joy

Joy is of our making, and it is most easily made when we acknowledge God.  I am inclined to say that acknowledging God is a necessary exercise.  At least I have found it so.  As I have said already, our minds can hold but a single thought.  If God is in that thought, every experience has the capacity to instill joy in us. . . .

Joy is always available to us moment by moment.  But we must keep our minds open and pay attention.  A closed mind or a mind filled with fear or judgment will never know joy.  A red rose beginning to open, a willow tree swaying in the breeze, the rainbow after a shower, the dew glistening on each blade of grass in the early morning, a baby taking her first steps — all of these moments hold the potential for joy.  Every moment of every day we can see evidence of God everywhere.  And we can feel overjoyed by this evidence if we want to.  The decision is ours.

— Karen Casey, Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow, p. 30-31

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