Celebrate Small Successes

Stop and celebrate each of those small successes, each of those little steps we take on our journey to success.  Don’t skip over them, don’t rush through them, but take time to enjoy each as it comes.  It will encourage you and, most important, it will motivate you to keep going.

— Debbie Macomber, Knit Together:  Discover God’s Pattern for Your Life, p. 67


“Deliberately using our capacity to be amused is one of many ways we can cleanse the mind of pollutants.  Laughter is letting go.  Laughter — true laughter, laughter that makes us all feel closer as opposed to laughter that makes us feel uneasy and separate — is instantaneous release of anxiety, discouragement, and all other fragmented states….

“Children are predisposed to laugh.  They are pre-amused.  Because of this, children can often prevent disturbing thoughts from getting a foothold in their minds in the first place.  Under most circumstances, they instinctively shift their preoccupation from a subject of disstress to a subject of delight.”

— Hugh Prather, The Little Book of Letting Go, p. 139

Listening to Your Spirit

“My definition of guilt is quite simple:  when you try to force yourself to do something you don’t really want to do….  Anytime you hear yourself say, ‘I should, I’m supposed to, I have to,’ you have ignored your spirit to please your tribe.

“Coming into harmony with your soul releases the tension in your body and eliminates the mental Ping-Pong.  When you hear your spirit, there is a huge surge of energy with a wonderful feeling of relief.  Suddenly you are awake, alert, and fully alive and ready to live.”

— Christel Nani, Sacred Choices, p. 49

Growing in Love

“To continue to grow in love is a joyous and mystical journey, full of new insight, excitement and surprise.  The eventual payoff, though it may not offer us all of the answers, is well worth the trip.”

— Leo Buscaglia, Born for Love, p. 118

Have Some Fun!

“As codependents, we need to learn to play and enjoy ourselves.  Arranging for and allowing ourselves to have fun is an important part of taking care of ourselves.  It helps us stay healthy.  It helps us work better.  It balances life….  Fun is taking time to celebrate being alive.”

–Melody Beattie, Codependent No More, p. 199

Taking Care of Ourselves

“I believe God has exciting, interesting things in store for each of us.  I believe there is an enjoyable, worthwhile purpose — besides taking care of people and being an appendage to someone — for each of us.  I believe we tap into this attitude by taking care of ourselves.  We begin to cooperate.  We open ourselves up to the goodness and richness available in us and to us….

“Ultimately, we may even discover this astounding truth:  Few situations in life are ever improved by not taking care of ourselves and not giving ourselves what we need.  In fact, we may learn most situations are improved when we take care of ourselves and tend our needs.”

— Melody Beattie, Codependent No More, p. 104, 107

Humor and Gratitude

“If we turn a bitter face to the world, for whatever reason, we can expect little else in return.  If, however, we face adversity with a sense of humor and hold to a base of gratitude for what we have, we’re likely to find people responding to us in kind.”

— Leo Buscaglia, Born for Love, p. 50

A Change of Focus

“My central message here is when you bring more positive experiences into your life, your hurts will diminish in importance.  In fact, this is the first step to taking responsibility for how you feel and beginning to forgive.  If I rent out more and more space in my mind to appreciating my children or the loveliness of a rainy day, there is as a result less space and time for dwelling on the hurts.”

–Dr. Fred Luskin, Forgive for Good