Catching Up

I started Sonderbooks back in 2001, before I’d heard of a “blog”. It started as an e-mail newsletter, which before long I turned into a website. I was regular about posting until 2005-2007, when my marriage fell apart, I moved from Germany back to the States, and studied for and got a Master’s in Library Science. Along the way, I learned more about XML and website design, so I upgraded the look of the website, but didn’t transfer the more than a thousand reviews I’d already written.

Eventually, I added a blog, because the more I learned about them, the more I realized they were perfect for what I was doing — reviewing books as I read them. However, I wanted to keep the website going, since a book is still good even years after I’ve written the review. Besides, I didn’t want to lose all the reviews I’d already written before I started the blog.

I love writing Sonderbooks! I began it as a way to share all the great books I was reading with my friends. It has become a way that I’ve met new friends and helped people find good books to read. It’s also a way to keep track of all the great books I’ve read.

Back in December, I wanted to get through the pile of books that I’d read but hadn’t reviewed. I decided to just focus on writing the reviews and not worry yet about posting them to the main site. Well, I did it! I caught up and got rid of my big pile of books and posted my 2010 Sonderbooks Stand-outs.

Now I’m trying to get all those reviews on my blog posted to the main site. I’m trying to read slowly while I’m doing that! The easiest way is to post all the books from one genre at a time. So far, I’ve posted the Teen Fiction, Picture Books, and Children’s Fiction reviews. I still need to post Fiction, Nonfiction, and Children’s Nonfiction. Once I’ve done that, I will feel happily caught up.

But that’s what’s going on, and why my new reviews are coming a little less frequently for awhile.

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