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My library’s doing “Tech Games” — a series of 20 activities designed to teach staff members how to do various things on the internet. One of them is making a blog.

Now, I definitely want to participate. But I do make a point of doing all my blogging on my own time, to reinforce that I do not speak for the library where I work, and neither does the library control what I can say. So I’m writing this on my off time, but will link to this post about blogging.

I am pleased that my library is finally doing Tech Games. The county I worked for before Fairfax did the same thing years ago. It’s highly appropriate for libraries because we want libraries to be places where people come to get information. Since the internet is also about information, it’s a good fit. So it’s best if librarians are knowledgeable about tech tools and know how to use them. The point of Tech Games is to help us learn about any we haven’t used yet.

And the best way is to learn by doing.

And, yes, we can help you download free books to check out on your device, but we can also help in many other areas.

When you think of people who can help you with technology, do you think of librarians? I hope so!

Librarians Help!

In the comments, please mention ways you’ve been helped by a librarian, or a way you, as a librarian, have been able to help someone.

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