Review of Zorro Gets an Outfit, by Carter Goodrich

Zorro Gets an Outfit

by Carter Goodrich

Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2012. 42 pages.
Starred Review

Here’s a picture book about feelings that tells a fabulous story at the same time. The pictures make the book. We’ve got Zorro, a dog with a pattern on his face that looks like a mask, and the other dog who lives in that house, his friend Mister Bud. Humans in the household are expressed as body parts and disembodied voices.

Bud and Zorro are ready and eager for their daily walk, but something delays them. Their owner has an outfit for Zorro. It’s a hood and cape.

A whole double-page spread is given to the words: “Zorro was embarrassed.” Zorro is sitting in the hallway, definitely not looking happy.

As he reluctantly goes on a walk, other dogs and even the neighboring cat all laugh at him.

Zorro is moping when everything changes. A new dog comes to the park.

He was fast!

He did amazing tricks!

And he had an outfit . . .

. . . Just like Zorro.

The three dogs play together, and we can easily see that Zorro’s entire outlook has changed.

On the way home Zorro tried to cheer up Mister Bud about coming in third.

“Maybe it’s because you don’t have an outfit!”

Actually, Mister Bud didn’t really mind about coming in third.

He could tell Zorro was happy now.

It’s a simple story, but the pictures are completely delightful. It’s about feelings every child can relate to, and gives them a way to talk about them.

A story that will leave you smiling.

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