I mentioned last week that I need to devote some solid time to unpacking. I insist it’s *not* that I’m procrastinating! It’s that I’m working full-time and so far my weekends have had other priorities. This last week, I admit, I didn’t get reviews posted *or* much unpacking done.

Anyway, I’m hereby starting my Unpack-a-thon at 11:00 pm on Friday night. It will run for 48 hours, until 11:00 pm on Sunday night.

Now, I don’t really want to do as many hours as I typically do in the 48-Hour Book Challenge. I’m going to have one rule: I’ll work an hour at a time, and do the other things I need to do this weekend in between. My goals are an hour tonight, right after I finish this post, 8 hours tomorrow, and 3 hours on Sunday, for a total of 12 hours. I’ll keep track of how many boxes I get unpacked and hope things look a lot better by the end of the weekend.

This calls for some “Before” pictures:

Here’s my office, where I’m working right now:

And here’s the living room:

My bedroom:

The entrance way:

Yes, um, okay, that is a new bookcase I bought today. It’s my son’s fault! He wanted to use our small two-shelf bookcase at the foot of his bed. I wouldn’t give it to him, until I realized I could use it as an excuse to buy a three-shelf bookcase, which would fit under the wall with the kitchen.

The living room from the other side:

And the area off the kitchen:

Okay, it’s time to unpack! Ready, set, GO!

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