Review of Little Nelly’s Big Book, by Pippa Goodhart and Andy Rowland

Little Nelly’s Big Book

by Pippa Goodhart
illustrated by Andy Rowland

Bloomsbury, New York, 2012. 32 pages.

This book makes me laugh. Little Nelly, whom we can see is an elephant, looks in a book and learns that she is a mouse. She is gray. She has big ears. She has a skinny tail.

Nelly goes to find other mice in their home behind the wall, and they aren’t so sure, but they welcome her among them and are very kind.

Now, Granny Mouse looks on her computer and she says, “I found out that there are other mice like you. Most of them live far away, but some live in a zoo nearby.” Nelly and her friends move in with the Zoo Mice.

When Little Nelly’s actual mouse friend Micky looks in her book and learns that he’s really an elephant, we get the moral of the story:

Which just goes to show why books should always have pictures.

Kids are sure to enjoy this fun story of mistaken identity. They will get wholeheartedly behind the moral, too.

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