Crazy 8s Math Club


On Thursday, my Prime Factorization Cardigan was featured on Bedtime Math!

This thrilled me, since I’ve been excited about Bedtime Math ever since I first heard about it. I love their mission — showing kids how much fun Math is and making it a regular part of their bedtime routine.

And, I recently started coaching a Crazy 8s Math Club.

Bedtime Math sent us most of the materials (except easily obtainable things) and instructions for eight different club activity sessions. This week, I *finally* remembered to take some pictures. The kids were flinging marshmallows with catapults and measuring how far they flew. I added in some activities with aim at the end, assigning points to different achievements. It tends to get a little chaotic, but the kids seem to have a great time.





Funny how exhausted I was at the end!

Bedtime Math has two books out with life-related math explorations, Bedtime Math and Bedtime Math 2.

A huge thank you to them for the work they do and for providing so much fun to the kids at our library!

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