A Good Library Day

Today was a day to make me very happy I work in a library. Unfortunately, it also makes me sad that I will probably lose my job in a few months due to budget cuts. But back to the happy stuff!

The day started with a baby program, Mother Goose Time. It went great! Lots of toddlers, and the parents and babies were into it and singing along wonderfully. There’s nothing quite like having those sweet babies smile at you to make your day!

Later in the day, I got quite a few readers’ advisory questions for kids. And the kids and parents seemed to like my suggestions. I really enjoy doing that! And there were more questions than usual.

Then, to top it off, a boy asked me, “Are you the one who gave me The Hunger Games?” Indeed I was. He said that he finished it and liked it a lot, and now he has the sequel, Catching Fire, to read. It’s doubly cool when someone to whom you recommended a book comes back and says they liked it! I feel like I’m beginning to be known with some of our customers as a source of book recommendations, and that feels great! But I admit I like it best when it is kids who are asking.

I have done my Comment Challenge today, too. I am up to 15 Comments left after 3 days of doing it. Yay! And my 30 minutes of writing on my book. Then, however, I again spent lots of time looking at job websites. I did find a local company that maybe maybe would hire me based on my Master’s in Math. It would be fun to do some real math-related work. Now I need to get my resume written….

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