Picture Books Challenge

I’m still gearing up for the 48 Hour Book Challenge, coming next weekend! Huzzah!

Now, awhile back I posted about how I was going to catch up on reviews during Memorial Day weekend and then turn in all the books I hadn’t reviewed.

Did I succeed? Well, no. I didn’t have the heart to turn in all the books I hadn’t reviewed. However, I did make good headway, getting five books reviewed. And I turned in a whole mess of picture books that I decided I wasn’t crazy enough about to review.

There are ten books left sitting here that I definitely want to review. (This is much better than 23.) I still have this coming week before the 48-hour Book Challenge to get them reviewed. But this amount is not unmanageable. I figure when the Challenge comes, if I haven’t finished with back reviews, after every book read, I will review the book I read, and then review one of the books from the To-Be-Reviewed pile, if I haven’t yet gotten it down to nothing.

Now, I’ve got some other grand plans brewing. First, Mother Reader has an unreasonable prejudice against picture books. Why do I think this is unreasonable? Because if the 48-Hour Book Challenge is by time, not number of books, and not pages, well, why not allow picture books? What have they ever done to be excluded?

Now, I also have a big pile of picture books sitting here. My goal this coming week (besides making headway on those other reviews) is to read all of the picture books waiting. Those I’m not crazy about, I will just return to the library. Those I love, I will write a review now, before I can be accused of using the Book Challenge time on *gasp* a Picture Book! That’s the plan anyway!

Let’s see. I’ve already gotten it down to 14 picture books waiting in the wings. Of course, if I don’t get all of them dealt with, I can always keep going after the challenge.

Now another goal I’m shooting for — an impossible goal but one I hope to at least make progress toward — is, when I go to ALA Annual Conference at the end of June, to turn in all my library books. Well, to make that slightly more possible, all the library books I haven’t actually begun. (This will exclude a whole pile of nonfiction.) During the 48-Hour Book Challenge, I think I will work toward quantity. Now, among all the other piles, there are lots of short books I have set aside thinking I will quickly read them some day. These are, mind you, longer than picture books, but still short. So I will attempt to focus on these during the 48HBC, and try to get every book I read also reviewed. We will see how I do.

But until Friday, let’s see how many picture books I can return to the library, either read or read and reviewed.

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