January Stats

So, after NaNoWriMo in November, I’m now keeping track of how I do at writing and blogging. I get a kick out of numbers, so here are my stats for January.

I succeeded in spending 30 minutes per day on my book! It is still a ways from being ready to submit again, but I am making progress. I added a net change of 1,531 words and wrote 2,363 words in my “planning” brainstorming file.

On my blogs I wrote 19,872 words, for a grand total of 27,660 words. That’s a lot less than the NaNoWriMo goal, but it’s still a lot of words. And to be fair, when revising a book, you do a lot of deleting words, too!

I wrote 43 book reviews, and I DID finish reviewing all the books I read in 2009! I still have 7 books to review that I read in 2010, and I still want to post all the reviews to my main site. But getting them written was a great accomplishment.

For the Comment Challenge, I didn’t meet the stated goal, but I did leave 44 comments and I did discover some new kidlit blogs I hadn’t read before. I’m going to see if I can increase that amount in February.

Also this month, I applied for a job which would enable me to stay in the public library even if the budget cuts go through. So here’s hoping!

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