Catching Up!

Woo-hoo! I just finished writing reviews of all the books I’ve read and meant to review! Woo-hoo!

This is a momentous week, because yesterday was one year since the day when I had my stroke. I’m pretty certain I’ve been pretty seriously behind on writing reviews since that day. Because when you’re spending a lot of time in the hospital or in bed, you do have time to read, but you don’t have so much time to review what you’ve read.

Today also marks the day when I’ve worked two consecutive pay periods without taking ANY time off — neither sick leave nor annual leave. (And even better, the last time off I took was for annual leave, not sick leave.) Back last January, I promised myself that when I managed to go two pay periods without taking leave, I would then need to seriously look for a way to get back to working in Youth Services — and tomorrow I have an interview!

In fact, I’ve applied for not one but two Youth Services Manager positions. One is at my current branch, and one is in the neighboring county. I will be very happy if I am offered either one of them, and that they are coming right when I feel I’m truly recovered from the stroke and right when I promised myself I’d look for a Youth Services position is such a lovely touch.

Of course, I can’t really say I’m caught up on reviews — because now I have 73 drafts ready to post!

But I’ve written them!

You may well ask, why don’t I just schedule them to post every day for the next 73 days? Well, I’ve kind of written myself into a corner. Yes, I post all my reviews on this blog, but I also post all the reviews on the main Sonderbooks site, by type of review. So when I post a review on the blog, I also post it on the main site, and I like to do that together. But now that I’m caught up on actually writing them, I can shoot for posting one or two reviews every evening. And I can make a goal of, on my day off, making sure I’ve written reviews of all the books I finished the past week, in hopes I’ll never get so frightfully behind again.

I’m also having some fun choosing which reviews to post. I’m trying to keep variety. And I decided to pull from the end and from the beginning. So I’ll look at the reviews I wrote the longest time ago and post one of those, and then I’ll post a review I’ve written recently (preferably a recently published book). So the poor books in the middle are languishing, but I’ll have to hold some kind of big celebration when I finally really catch up. It almost makes me want to slow down my reading!

Mind you, in addition I’m now running six blog series: Top 100 Writers and Illustrators, Sonderling Sunday, Conference Corner, Librarians Help, Sondy’s Selections, and Prime Factorization Fun. So I’m getting where I like to alternate reviews with one of these series.

So much blogging, so little time. But for tonight, I’ve caught up on writing reviews! Huzzah!

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