Caught Up!

Woo-hoo! I’ve finally got all of the reviews on this blog posted on the main site,!

Back in December, I had a huge stack of books I’d read and wanted to review in time to make the choices for my 2010 Sonderbooks Stand-outs. I decided that in order to get the reviews written, I’d just write them on the blog, and wait to post them after I’d gotten them all written.

Maybe I should just give in and make my site only a blog — but I really enjoy having a website as a resource for book reviews, with the reviews organized by category and linked together.

Anyway, since that decision, I wrote at least 50 reviews, and I’ve slowly been catching up with posting them. Yesterday, I posted eight fiction reviews, and with that I finished up! Now everything that I’ve reviewed is posted. Since I’d been trying to get that done since December, it feels very good to get it done.

Of course now again I have a few books waiting to be reviewed. But now I can write the review and post it all in the same day, since I’m not trying to get 50 done.

If you’ve only looked at the blog, take a look at I’m trying to make it a resource where you can find good books to read, depending on the type of book you’re in the mood for.


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