In My Mailbox #2

Here’s another week’s look at what’s In My Mailbox. This meme is hosted by The Story Siren.

This week, I did not actually receive any books in my mailbox. I did, however, check out plenty of books from the Fairfax County Public Library.

The books are:
The Library Doors, by Toni Buzzeo. I’d been wanting this book, to see if it would be a good one to use for library tours. Of course, I’m currently not in a position where I’m offering library tours, but maybe again some day….

Orangutans Are Ticklish, by Steve Grubman. Need I say more?

Front and Center, by Catherine Gilbert Murdock. I finished her earlier books Dairy Queen and The Off Season in audiobook form, and I can’t wait for the audiobook to find out what happens next! Besides, next week I get to hear the author speak at the MAYALIG conference!

The Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise, by Julia Stuart. This is a book for adults for which I read a good review. Last time I checked it out, I had to return it unread.

The Magical Ms. Plum, by Bonny Becker. I love Bonny Becker’s books about Bear and Mouse. Surely this will be good, too.

Not pictured, I also checked out Touch Blue, by Cynthia Lord, based on a good review.

I didn’t read this many books this week. Of the books pictured last week, I had to return Reckless unread. I did, however, stay up all night last Sunday night reading Coronets and Steel, by Sherwood Smith, and thoroughly enjoyed it. (Monday was a holiday, so I went to sleep after I finished the book. It wasn’t a smart way to do it, but it was fun.)

I made a policy after getting back from ALA with 124 new books. From now on, I will read one library book, then one book I own. Coronets and Steel was a book I own, so next I read a library book: I have almost finished Behemoth, by Scott Westerfeld. Next I would like to tackle some of the review copies I’ve received, but I may finally tackle Wuthering Heights, as I was prompted to by reading Clare Dunkle’s The House of Dead Maids.

This week I also finally finished Women Who Run With the Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, from my nonfiction pile. I go through nonfiction chapter by chapter in a rotating pile, so it tends to take me a long time. I’ve been reading that excellent book for a very long time and finding it inspirational.

I’m actually trying to slow down my reading a little bit, because I currently have 28 books I have read and want to write reviews for, and 15 books I have written reviews for and want to post. I did get more written this week than the number of books I finished, so that means I made progress, right?

Hmm. This may get discouraging reporting on how many books I check out and how slowly I’m getting them reviewed! I’ll try it a little longer and see if I make progress….

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