Christmas Break

It’s been a crazy year. A couple weeks ago, my divorce finally settled, then I went and had a fabulous trip to see my family over Thanksgiving, and then when I came back, I started working as a Librarian again. (I am LOVING it!)

However, all this craziness means I’m way behind on my book reviews and also way behind on getting ready for Christmas. Since I won’t be making another trip to see my family for Christmas, I need to mail their gifts. So — my plan is to spend this week trying to get their presents ready and then during my time off at Christmas try to work hard on catching up on writing reviews. We shall see how I do!

But if you don’t hear from me for a week or so, think of it as Christmas break. I get a 5-day weekend at Christmas and a 4-day weekend at New Year’s, but I’m working 6 days in a row this week. So I’m hoping those weekends will be a lovely time for reading and writing and blogging.

I guess the beauty of running my own website is that I get to make my own rules. I am hoping that I’ll post a lot more regularly in 2011, but I also fervently hope that my life will be much less resembling a roller coaster in 2011!

Oh, you’ll also get a list of my stand-outs in 2010 — AFTER 2010 is over. I know this doesn’t work for Christmas lists, but I refuse to name my favorite books of 2010 until 2010 is over. I always get some great reading done over Christmas, and I’m not going to make those books miss their chance.

So, Merry Christmas to all my faithful readers! I’m having a very joyous month, thrilled to be back in a job I love. I’ll be posting more in a week or so….

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