2011 Comment Challenge

Hooray! Mother Reader is again hosting a Comment Challenge, along with Lee Wind. Here’s the challenge: within 21 days, post 100 comments on other blogs. It’s a lot of fun, and gets you roaming around the kidlitosphere supporting other blogs and letting people know they’re being heard.

One catch for me: WordPress recently ate all the comments on my blog, for some unknown reason. So I’m going to test and try to put a comment on my own blog and see if it works. If it doesn’t, I’ll know not to expect anyone’s comments. Also, people who have commented before may be asked to register afresh. We shall see. But I will be out there posting comments.

Note: Sure enough, something’s wrong. It may be related to the fact that I haven’t yet upgraded my blog to WordPress 3.0.4. Not sure I want to try that until I have plenty of time to mess with it, though. Perhaps this weekend.

Update: I tried upgrading, and it actually went much much more smoothly than earlier updates, and didn’t take much time at all. However, it didn’t fix the comments. I tried deactivating and activating Akismet. No change. I tried changing my comment settings. No change. It sees the comment, but sends me an e-mail to approve a blank comment, and doesn’t acknowledge that it exists. Very frustrating during the Comment Challenge! Someone has reported this problem on the WordPress Forum, so I’ll keep checking back.

So don’t bother trying to comment on this blog until further notice!

Further notice: It works! All the comments are back! Hooray!

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