Prime Factorization Progress – To 39

I’ve already posted several times about my Prime Factorization Knitting, and I can’t resist posting pictures every time I get another row of numbers done on my new niece’s Prime Factorization Blanket.

You can get more detail of how it works in the earlier posts, but basically each prime number gets a color, and each number gets a square divided into the colors for the factors of that number. I’ve finished up to 39. (I’m not putting an exclamation mark after that statement, since I haven’t gotten to 39 factorial.) Here’s how the blanket looks so far:

And here’s a close-up on each side, with the numbers written in. You’ll have to figure out the factors. And I can assure you that it’s a lot easier to tell when there are two or three (or four or five) of the same factors in one number when you can see and feel the blanket. I divided it with garter ridges, and the photo couldn’t really catch that.

Here’s the left half:

And the right half:

Don’t forget that you can get your very own Prime Factorization T-shirt at my Cafe Press shop for a lot less effort than this blanket is taking (but okay, you won’t have as much fun as I’m having). I took it to a Youth Services Librarian meeting today, and only the unwary asked what it was going to be. I must admit, it’s a lot better for knitting during meetings when I’m on one of the white rows.

Will I finish before Baby’s arrival in May? I hope I will at least be close….

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