The Big Kahuna Approaches!

The Third Round of School Library Journal’s Battle of the Books finished up today. At last! A round where I picked everything the same as the judges did! (Only two matches might have had something to do with it.)

My hopes for the Big Kahuna Round? The same as they’ve always been: For Code Name Verity to come back from the dead and win it all.

If the Undead Poll winner is not Code Name Verity? Honestly, there’s not very many of the books I prefer over The Fault in Our Stars. Earlier in the battle, I had it edged out by Endangered, but I’m not sure I feel the same way a week later and after more judge’s opinions. If a middle grade novel I loved — namely, The One and Only Ivan or Three Times Lucky were to be in the Big Kahuna Round, I admit I’d be happy to have them pull an upset, in the name of middle grade fiction.

Bottom line, if Code Name Verity is not in the Big Kahuna Round, I could be sort of consoled by a victory for The Fault in Our Stars.

But, come on, that can’t happen!

If we can’t have Julie back from the dead, let’s at the very least have Code Name Verity back from the dead.

And on to Victory!

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