Review of Giving Thanks, edited by Katherine Paterson

Giving Thanks

Poems, Prayers, and Praise Songs of Thanksgiving

Edited and with reflections by Katherine Paterson
Illustrations by Pamela Dalton

Handprint Books (Chronicle), San Francisco, 2013. 53 pages.

This beautiful book is appropriate for children and adults, and is perfect as a way to celebrate Thanksgiving. I went through it slowly, reading a page a day as part of my devotional time. If I had kids living with me now, it would have been nice to read a page aloud at the dinner table.

What’s included are prayers and poems from all over the world, going back hundreds of years, all with a theme of giving thanks.

The section headings are “Gather Around the Table” (Thanks for food), “A Celebration of Life” (Thanks for nature), “The Spirit Within” (Thanks for personal blessings), and “Circle of Community” (Thanks for loved ones).

The book is decorated with exquisite and intricate cut-paper illustrations. Even though they are pictures of the cut-paper illustrations, I found myself wanting to handle the pages delicately. I can’t imagine having the patience and care to create such fine work! The reader feels privileged to get to enjoy it.

This isn’t a long book, and the format is that of a picture book, which is probably why it is marketed as a children’s book. But what a nice reminder and method for giving thanks.

I’m reviewing this book today in honor of Thanksgiving and Nonfiction Monday, hosted today at Jean Little Library.

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