Oops! Can you find the mistake?

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Oops! Today I realized I had used the wrong shade in one of the rows of my prime factorization cardigan. I remembered I had discovered that in the process of knitting, and had planned to go over the offending line with duplicate stitch. But I forgot — so now I think I will use it as a puzzle. Can you spot the number that is out of place?

You’ll definitely need a closer look at the cardigan.

Who will be the first person to spot the error? (You can use the comments to inform me.) This person is almost as geeky as me! 🙂 Though at least I can restrain myself from taking apart the cardigan. There was an error in my Prime Factorization Sweater — but it was one of five factors of a number (probably 72), so it only involved four stitches in the wrong color. I was able to pick them out, then reinsert the right color with a yarn needle.

Oh, I should say that the error is not in row 48, which is 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 3. I didn’t want to have the pink thread loose over all four blue stitches, so I twisted the yarn after two stitches — and it ended up showing up a bit on the front, though not as much as an actual wrong stitch.

No, the error is a matter of using the wrong shade in one of the stripes. The result would be far too large a number for this sweater. And now I can use it to find out who is paying attention. 🙂

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  1. Wow! This is indeed creative. Impressed.
    I do knitting but basics. Did you knit some and do cross stitch on top of some?
    Sure looks like it!

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