New Year Review Blitz

For all of 2014, I felt like I was far behind at posting reviews of the books I’ve read. So this year, my plan is to be all caught up posting reviews of books read in 2014 by the end of January.

Why don’t I just post the reviews on the blog? Well, that’s what I’ll do if I run out of time. But what I like to do is get the cover image, make a new webpage for each review, post it on my main site, and feature the book on the main page,, and on the page for its genre and age level — Fiction, Nonfiction, Teen Fiction, Children’s Fiction, Children’s Nonfiction, or Picture Books.

However, for these reviews, instead of each getting featured, I will just post the reviews as they will end up after all of their genre are posted. Tonight I’m going to work on the fourteen Children’s Fiction reviews. I’d like to think I can get them all posted tonight, but, well, let’s just see what happens, shall we?

My plan is to start with the Three Investigators books that I read last year. I wanted them all to be featured separately as an Old Favorite. But, well, here goes —

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