New Sondy’s Selections Page

My church is in the process of building a community resource center, which we will use as our meeting place on Sundays. We also hope to make it a place used by our community, which will include preschool and kindergarten programs.

Every preschool or kindergarten program needs books! As we’re in the process of building, I’m going to slowly make a list of high quality books that I think our church should purchase to have in the classrooms.

I’ll break the lists into three categories — one for preschool, one for Kindergarten, and one for specifically Christian books. There will definitely be some overlap, but this will be based on how I think of them. I’m a little sorry that the “Christian” category won’t be very large. I get books from the public library and don’t encounter as many books for Christians. But I’m starting this page off having just reviewed a wonderful picture book about the life of Jesus, so that will be my first book to post.

I’m going to build these lists slowly, adding to them little by little. If you have suggestions, use this post. I’ll keep the list updated on my new Sondy’s Selections page.

My previous Sondy’s Selections posts and page were my personal top ten lists of books for different age ranges. This new list will be my ideal collection of books for a church preschool and kindergarten.

Happy Reading!

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