2010 Reviews All Posted!

Don’t laugh, but tonight I finished posting the last review of all the books I read in 2010, or at least the ones I decided to review. I like making a clean break between the years, because I choose my Sonderbooks Stand-outs from all the books I read in a calendar year.

I did cheat and already posted a review of one book I read in 2011, A True Princess, so I could post in time for Diane Zahler’s blog tour. But other than that one book, the reviews of books that will be candidates for the 2011 Sonderbooks Stand-outs will begin now.

And, yeah, okay, I’m three months behind. I’m actually hopeful of catching up. Now that I have Filezilla, posting the reviews on www.sonderbooks.com goes much faster. I’ve started separating posting the reviews from writing the reviews. On a given day, I’m posting one review, but some days I can get two or three new reviews written. I’m going to make a goal of catching up by the weekend of Mother Reader’s 48-Hour Reading Challenge, which usually happens the first weekend in June — at least having the reviews written.

And I’ve read some FANTASTIC books already in 2011, so I’m looking forward to sharing them with you! I really should just reduce the number of books I review — but I hate to let good books go by, unmentioned.

So I’m looking forward to another year of reading! This August will actually mark my TENTH anniversary of writing Sonderbooks! I am loving sharing great books with people.

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