Review of The Do-Over, by Lynn Painter

The Do-Over

by Lynn Painter
read by Jesse Vilinsky

Simon & Schuster Audio, 2022. 8 hours, 46 minutes.
Review written from a library eaudiobook.

The Do-Over is a time loop story, and a fun teenage romance.

Emilie is someone who plans and organizes her life. And today is Valentine’s Day, and she’s got a plan for the perfect Valentine’s Day, with a cute outfit maybe a little chilly for the winter weather, a gift wrapped for her boyfriend Josh, and plans to tell him those fateful words, “I love you.”

Instead, on the way to school, she crashes into the truck of Nick, her lab partner in Chemistry, who doesn’t even recognize her. Her own car bursts into flames and she has to get a ride with him to school, and she doesn’t even get to see Josh. Then she learns that there was a mistake and she didn’t win a slot in the summer program that would go perfectly on her college applications. And then when she goes to Josh’s car to surprise him with his gift — she sees him kiss his ex-girlfriend. On top of everything, when she gets home her father tells her that he and her stepfamily are moving far away. Not the day she had planned.

But when she wakes up the next morning, everything repeats. Her phone says it’s still Valentine’s Day.

Naturally, she tries to fix the day. But she still gets in an accident. And Josh still kisses his ex.

But she gets lots more tries! And gradually, she gets to know Nick better, little by little.

One problem though — when Emilie thinks she’s achieved the perfect Valentine’s Day — when she wakes up, everything resets and no one else remembers it. So she thinks, why worry about what anyone else thinks? They won’t remember anyway! And she sets out on a Day of No Consequences. But one way or another, Nick ends up coming with her.

Overall, the book is good frothy fun. I like the way someone who’s spent her life pleasing others, following the rules, and not making waves learns about herself when she starts thinking about what she wants. Also, the romance is sweet. I was worried that he would forget too much of their time together, but the author worked that part out pretty well. A sweet book that left me smiling.

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