Long Weekend Award Reading Challenge – Finish Line

I did it! This weekend, I successfully finished reading the last 9 books I needed to read for the 2024 Mathical Awards!

As I explained in the Starting Post, this was different from my previous 48-Hour Book Challenges, as I was taking 3 days and I needed to finish specific books. And I did it! Not as much time to spare as I’d hoped, but I did get to take a walk in the snow today, so I’m not complaining!

Here are my stats:

9 books finished, with 7 of those complete books.
1563 pages read.
9 short reviews written for the Mathical committee and 4 reviews written for Sonderbooks (to appear after we announce our winners).
18 hours, 5 minutes reading — so 3 hours less than I estimated, but I made up for that with
4 hours, 40 minutes reviewing and blogging, for a grand total of

22 hours, 45 minutes spent this weekend on Mathical books.

And now I am DONE with award reading until September when, if all goes well, I’ll start reading for the Cybils Awards again. (Though we will be discussing the Mathical books next week.) This is after a year on the Morris committee, so I’m ready to read some adult books. (Though I have an Advance Reader Copy of the new Kimberly Brubaker Bradley book that is definitely going to be next.)

Unfortunately, my house is such a mess right now, having neglected it for reading, that I don’t even quite know where to start. I’ll probably start with putting away the last of my Christmas stuff, but also clear my table so I can do a jigsaw puzzle again. (I can’t do a jigsaw puzzle when in the middle of award committee reading, because I can’t resist a puzzle and spend lots of time on it when I should be reading and stay up way too late, too.) But it’s all good, and not only did I have fun reading some excellent books this weekend, I have a big sense of accomplishment. My 2024 reading year is off to a great start.


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