First Quarter Reading Progress

The first quarter of the year will be done in about a half-hour! (I know, how’d that happen?) So I’m curious to see how I’ve done on my Crazy 2012 Reading Plans.

I posted about this at the start of March, but it’s simpler to just summarize my total progress for the year. In March, I attended my first Capitol Choices meeting, so I spent a couple weeks trying to catch up on the books we’d be talking about, thus interrupting my Plan. Here are my new totals:

Rereads: 3
My Books: 3
New Library Books: 3
Award Winners: 3
Prepub ARCs: 3
Older Library Books: 3
Books for Capitol Choices: 6
Books for Heavy Medal Shortlist: 2
Books for School Library Journal’s Battle of the Books: 3
Book read before meeting author: 1
Book to read along with Liz B: 1
Nonfiction: 7
Shorter Books (in between books of Plan): 4
Children’s Nonfiction: 3
Audiobooks: 4

Not too bad. I’d like to be a lot further on my Reading Plan, but my grand total is 52 books, which is pretty good for one-fourth of the year.

I’ve written 40 reviews so far this year, which explains why I’m still behind. I will definitely have to be more willing to skip reviewing some books.

This weekend, I was trying to participate in Bloggiesta, but alas! I was feeling really dizzy, so I slept late and took a long nap. I did get three reviews written, Frankenstein and a nonfiction book finished, posted this, posted a review, posted a Sonderquotes entry, made supper, and played a game of Dominion with my son. But now I need to get to bed and hope I’ll have a little more time for it tomorrow. Oh, I also tried to upgrade the blogs, but first I have to upgrade my data bases, and Yahoo (my host) kept giving an error when I tried to do that. I will try again some time this week (when I don’t mind the site being down for awhile) and send them an e-mail if I keep running into trouble. And I did attend today’s Twitter Party before I got too tired and took a nap. I have done a total of 4 comments, so I will have to get really busy tomorrow if I want to complete that mini-challenge.

But, remember: This is all for FUN! So no pressure! I will see what I can do!

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