2015 Sonderbooks Stand-outs!

Logo_4x4_gold_encircled_sealYes! I got my 2015 Sonderbooks Stand-outs posted before the finish of New Year’s Day, 2016.

Each year’s Sonderbooks Stand-outs is a personal list. They are simply the books that stand out in my mind after a year of reading. Then I rank them according to how much I love them — which seems a little unfair. I assure you that I love every one of the listed books!

I keep a spreadsheet of the books I read and hope I didn’t leave anything important out. Here are the stats for this year:

In 2015, I read:
6 rereads.
16 Teen Fiction books.
36 Children’s Fiction books.
20 Adult Fiction books.
47 Nonfiction books.
95 Children’s Nonfiction books (Many of those were picture books).
626 Picture Books. (Hey, I was a Cybils judge in the Fiction Picture Books category this year.)

A grand total of 220 books, not counting picture books (except nonfiction) and 846 books altogether.

Not bad. I didn’t feel like I was keeping up as well with current books this year, since I didn’t attend Capitol Choices, but hey, I’ve read picture books!

I still have a backlog of 30 book reviews which I wrote in 2015 and still need to post, but only two of those are Stand-outs. I will update the pages of the Stand-out books in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, enjoy reading about my favorite books!

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