Battle of the Books Round 2 and Round 3 Picks

School Library Journal‘s Battle of the Books has already finished the first round!

I made my predictions before the battle, and fared abysmally. I was 2 for 8. And the *only* two matches that I correctly predicted will face each other in the second round.

That means almost all my favorites are out of the Battle! Except the two that I did correctly predict, and one of those will go soon.

Here are the Round Two contests:

Match One, which has already happened:
The Animal Book
Boxers & Saints
Judged by Tonya Bolden

For this contest, I honestly would have picked Boxers & Saints, and I’m not just saying that because it already won. However, since it will be up against one of my favorites in Round Three, I don’t want it to go any further than this.

Match Two, Monday, March 24:
Eleanor & Park
Far Far Away
Judged by Rae Carson

I loved Eleanor & Park so much, that’s the one I have to root for. However, that said, I am quite confident that Eleanor & Park won the Undead Poll. So I do have a sneaking desire for Far Far Away, my second favorite among the books left in the Battle, to continue on. That way Eleanor & Park can rest up before the Final Round!

Match Three, Tuesday, March 25:
Hokey Pokey
P.S. Be Eleven
Judged by Joseph Bruchac

These two are both good books, but they are also my least favorite books left in the Battle. I want the winner to lose in Round Three. However, for this round, I’m rooting for P.S. Be Eleven to emerge victorious.

Match Four, Wednesday, March 26:
The Thing About Luck
The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp
Judged by Katherine Marsh

For this match, I want Obaachan to triumph in The Thing About Luck.

And what do you know, no matter how Round Two turns out, I already know how I want Round Three to go:

I want the winner of Round Two, Match Two to win Round Three, Match One.

I want the winner of Round Two, Match Four to win Round Three, Match Two.

From there, we shall see….

Will my abysmal predictions get any better?

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