Attention Math Nuts!

I maintain that I have proved my status as a Math Nut when I displayed my prime factorization sweater on my blog. (I remain very proud that when you insert the term “prime factorization sweater” in Google, my picture comes up.)

However, I haven’t posted a whole lot of mathematical content. Probably more mathematically-oriented books than most book blogs, but definitely not the majority of my posts.

But that may be about to change! Because my attention was directed to a post called The 50 Best Twitter Feeds for Math Geeks. It’s on the blog Best Colleges Online.

Anyway, these feeds sound so good (and some are the feeds of authors whose books I’ve reviewed), I will probably follow all of them. So — once I’m getting more Math News, I’m sure to pass on more Math News… We shall see…

If you are a fellow Math Nut, you will want to check out these Feeds!

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