Two New Prime Factorization Blankets

I got two new great-nephews in 2022!

They are both second sons of their families. I didn’t knit their older brothers’ new blankets because I had barely finished my nephew Martin’s blanket, and they came so close together, I settled for two little cardigans.

But for Kellen and Tobi, I decided it didn’t matter if I was late finishing (and I was) — they needed Prime Factorization Blankets!

The idea is the same as my first Prime Factorization Blanket for Arianna:

Rows of Entrelac squares (or diamonds), going from 1 to 99. 1 is white and I put rows of white squares in between the rows with other numbers. After 1, every prime number gets its own color. For composite numbers, I put sections of the colors for each factor. So 4 gets two sections of 2, 6 gets a section of 2 and a section of 3, and so on, all the way up to 99, which gets two sections of the color for 3 and one section of the color for 11.

Kellen is modeling his blanket in the picture above, and here are some more pictures of it.

First the blanket as a whole. I knew he was a boy, so I used lots of blues, with 2 being yellow.

The corner at the start with the missing square for zero:

And the right bottom corner with some numbers labeled:

I don’t think I knew Tobi’s gender when I started his blanket, and I decided to try for bright colors instead of pastels, so 2 was red. Here’s the whole blanket:

Detail for the lowest numbers:

Detail for the highest numbers:

And some primes at the top of the blanket:

So much fun! (Tobi’s parents, if you read this, I need more pictures of Tobi modeling his blanket!)

And yes, I’m happy to report that my youngest sister is now expecting a baby, and he’s going to get a prime factorization blanket, too! I learned tonight that he’s a boy, so 23 is going to be blue.

Babies and math are beautiful!

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